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< Career Objective >

" To achieve expertise in Virtualization Technologies."


( Mr. Dash )

< Work Experience >

  • ( Dec 2016 - Present )

    - Designation: CEO / Founder
    - Focusing on development of DashApps
    - Products: DashID, DashLock, DashUsersInfo, DashUsersCleanup, DashCopy, DashBhajman

  • ( Aug 2016 - Present )

    - Designation: Software Engineer
    - Implemented Desktop Customization Tool and Session Shadow module for Windows Server, used in product HyWorks 3.1
    - Implemented Customization of Windows VMs using SysPrep in Audit-Mode / OOBE, used in product HyWorksDVMTools 3.0
    - Windows Session Timeouts using Windows APIs & Workgroup local user synchronization, used in product HyWorks
    - Implemented Windows Remote Desktop/App Session Management module for Windows Servers and DVMs, used in products HyWorks & HySecure
    - Worked on cross-platform Alert Manager using C# Mono & RabbitMQ
    - Designed modules of HyWorks Controller in ASP.NET MVC framework with Entity Framework

  • 3. Friendz Designers & Developers

    ( Feb 2014 - Nov 2016 )

    - Designation: CEO / Founder
    - Founded a Start-up company to provide services like Web Development, Technical Solutions, Hardware/Software maintenance & Graphics/Logo Designing
    - Worked as a Full-Stack Developer, designed 20+ static/dynamic websites
    - Designed own products including Project Geo, Tyre Doctor, Anonymous SMS, etc.

  • ( June 2015 - July 2015 )

    - A summer training on Big Data, Hadoop, HDFS, YARN and Hadoop-Installation by Technophillia, IIT Bombay
    - Hands-on experience in Map/Reduce, Apache Pig, Apache Hive, Apache Sqoop and Apache Hbase

  • ( June 2014 - Aug 2014 )

    - A summer training on J2EE-Struts Framework held by HP Summer Training Nodal Center, Mumbai
    - Designed a prototype of an HTML based Online Operating System (MyOS) which can be used to store & access data online in an easy & safer way from anywhere
    - Implemented using the concepts of JSP Servlets and filters using HTML, CSS & JAVA (Struts Framework)
    - The project was well appreciated among all the projects at training

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< my projects >

  • 1. DashID

    ( Aug 2017 )

    An android app to authenticate Windows PC using Smartphone's Figure Print Sensor, module also includes power operations and remote access.

  • 2. DashLock

    ( July 2017 )

    An android app to remotely lock Windows PC using smartphone's one touch widget.

  • 3. DashUsersCleanup

    ( May 2017 )

    A tool for live users' cleanup in windows servers (Exception can be added to exclude a user).

  • 4. DashUsersInfo

    ( Mar 2017 )

    A tool for fetching live/disconnected user session timings info in windows servers.

  • 5. DashOTP

    ( Jan 2017 )

    A customizable API for One-time-passwords. One can request OTP and verify using this set of APIs.

  • 6. DashSMS

    ( Dec 2016 )

    A customizable API for online SMS sending solution. Also designed an android app using the same.

  • 7. DashBhajman

    ( Dec 2016 )

    A minimal sized (4MB) android based music player for high quality Bhajan streaming. Dedicated to my Dad.

  • 8. DashCopy

    ( Nov 2016 )

    A fully customized clipboard with awesome features including burst-copy.

  • 9. DashNotes

    ( Oct 2016 )

    A place to manage your To-Do list, with easily draggable user friendly UI.

  • 10. System Usage Info

    ( Aug 2016 )

    - Monitored CPU/RAM/Primary-Drive usage, created using WPF C#, WCF service and an MVC portal (ASP.NET)
    - Windows notification messages were displayed when they cross threshold with interval of 10 sec.
    - Application service automatically runs in background while windows startup, can be accessed via system tray

  • 11. A framework for centralized repository of blood bank

    ( Mar 2015-Apr 2016 )

    - Developed an API controlled framework for blood banks, hospitals and blood donation camps which includes a website, desktop software & an android app for users
    - Awarded with "Overall Best Idea & Implementation" in I2I Competition, organized by EATON, COEP and BHAU, Pune 2015
    - Awarded with 1st Runner-up position in Avaya Smart Project Competition 2016

  • 12. Gaming Mouse

    ( Mar 2016 - Apr 2016 )

    - Developed a model of a gaming mouse with 6 operational buttons (including DPI option)
    - Assembled using Embedded Systems skills with PIC18F45 IC
    - Yielded a 50% benefit over existing gaming mouse costs

  • 13. Hindu Aartiya

    ( Started on Apr 2016 )

    A place to find all Hindu Aartiya.

  • 14. Orphanage Portal

    ( Feb 2016 - Apr 2016 )

    - Designed a portal for people willing to donate at orphanage homes where orphanage homes can upload/update their requirements by logging into their accounts on the portal or directly via calling to administrators
    - The same framework can be scaled to various Smart City Projects (eg. Old Age Homes, Organ Donation, etc)

  • 15. Anonymous Message

    ( Started on Jan 2016 )

    A website to send online free SMS anonymously.

  • ( Started on Nov 2015 )

    A blog to find all current technical updates.

  • 17. Port Virtualization & Anonymous Windows OS

    ( Nov 2015 )

    - Controlled entire communication of laptop from virtual OS to primary OS, by making Virtual OS as primary port of internet
    - Implemented by setting up vSwitch, using Hyper-V, Linux Commands & Virtualization on VMware
    - Successfully tried making windows (primary OS) anonymous using Linux commands (on virtual machine)
    - Assigned three IPs to a single device, allowing users to create multiple virtual servers on the same device with dedicated IPs

  • 18. Project Geo

    ( Started on Jun 2015 )

    A light weight website to locate yourself. This works very well even on slow internet connections like 2G.

  • 19. Tyre Doctor

    ( Started on May 2015 )

    Designed a concept portal for users to locate nearby TyreDoctors (Pancharwalas).

  • 20. Ubuntu Whatsapp

    ( Mar 2015-Apr 2015 )

    - Developed an Ubuntu version of WhatsApp which will allow us to send/receive WhatsApp messages from Unix environment
    - User base consisted of 10+ students across the section; Challenges included frequent updates of WhatsApp

  • 21. Study Portal

    ( Jan 2015 - Sept 2016 )

    - Developed a novel centralized portal to find study material for VIT college CSE Department
    - The portal used by 250 users, got 2000+ hits in the academic semester 01/15 - 06/15
    - Served as a baseline for developing institute level portal to find study material and course contents

  • 22. Client-Server Audio-Video Streaming

    ( Sep 2014-Nov 2014 )

    - Communicated (Audio-Video Streaming & Broadcast) between multiple Clients and Servers via a single Proxy Server
    - Implemented load balancing mechanism, which leads to efficient usage of the bandwidth and fast processing.
    - Connections with TCP/IP protocol on JAVA platform using the concepts of Sockets & Multiple-Threads
    - Tested with 4 Clients, 2 servers and 1 Proxy server all at a time that worked efficiently

  • 23. MyOS

    ( Jul 2014-Aug 2014 )

    - Designed a prototype of an HTML based Online Operating System (MyOS) which can be used to store & access data online in an easy & safer way from anywhere
    - Implemented using the concepts of JSP Servlets and filters using HTML, CSS & JAVA (Struts Framework)

  • ( Started on Jun 2014 )

    An Online Profile cum Art Gallery for Rock Paintings, Modern Art, Meditation, Modern Miniatures, Black & White and Wooden Sculptures by Artist Shailesh Dashore. 


    ( Feb 2014-May 2014 )

    A model to minimize the machine configuration of client side. Few servers with high configuration machines used to provide parallel processing of multiple tasks to number of clients via a single Proxy-Server. Skills Used of C#.NET, Socket Programming.


    ( Aug 2013 - Nov 2013 )

    A descriptive model of an stop watch using BCD counters. Skills used of Digital Electronic and Logic Gates.


    ( Feb 2013-Mar 2013 )

    - Conceptualized a single source inside a room to supply electricity to nearby equipment without using wires
    - Generated flux inside the room that further used to induce 1.7V potential difference wirelessly at nearby points using the concepts of Faraday's Law

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< Skills >

Technical Skills

Virtualization: vSwitch, Hyper-V, VMware, vSphere, vCenter

Web Development: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JSON, JSP, ASP.NET, MVC, REST-API, cPanel, Ajax, Bootstrap, jQuery, JS

Multimedia: Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw

Database: MS SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, MongoDB, XML, Big Data & Hadoop (Basic)

Programming Languages: : VB.NET, C#.NET, WPF, WCF, C, C++, JAVA(Core), J2EE-with Struts Framework, Python, R

App Development: Xamarin, Android Studio, Intel XDK

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, Windows Server (2K8R2, 2K12R2, 2K16)

Others: LINQ, Entity Framework, Linux shell scripting(Bash), RabbitMQ, Git, C# Mono, basics of AWS, Cloud Storage

Micro-controllers: Microchip PIC, ARM

Languages Known

English(fluent), Hindi(fluent), Sanskrit (intermediate), Spanish (intermediate) & Marathi (intermediate


Leadership, Self-learner, Go-Getter attitude, Hard worker & Punctual

Technical Hobbies

Virtualization, Cloud Technologies, Java/.NET framework, Web Designing, Networking & Security, Blogging.


Travelling, Photography, Archeological Monuments & Prehistoric Rock Paintings.

Career Interests

Virtualization Technologies, Cloud Technologies, Web Designing, Blogging, Networking & Security.

Awards & Attendees

Attended "Do Big Symposium 2016",
Digital Dividends: A Leader's Perspective, Pune 2016

Attended "Amazon AWS Summit - Mumbai 2016" addressed by AWS CEO Andy Jassy

Awarded as 1st Runner-up position in "Avaya Smart Project Competition 2016"

Attended "Redington Cloud Day" training by Amazon AWS Trainers in Indore (M.P.) on 17th June, 2016

Awarded as "Overall Best Idea & Implementation" I2I Competition, organized by EATON, COEP and BHAU, Pune 2015

Headed as ‘Multimedia Secretary’ a ‘Council Member’ for 2014-2015 session at VIT College, Pune

Designed a college website exclusively for Technical Fest - ‘Melange-2014’ at VIT – Pune

Participated in Walk for Seva walkathon organized be Sahayog Foundation on 11th Jan 2015

Organized CAthlon Event (250 attendees), Google Workshop (100 attendees) and Haptics Workshop (50 attendees) at VIT College, Pune

Designed Certificates, Posters & Flex for College festivals - Melange 2014, 2015, 2016 and Vishwakarandak 2015, 2016

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